Aditional Driver Responsability
Age requirement Coverage Types
Authorized Driving areas Protection Plus
Auxiliary equipment Carefree Personal Prot.
Cash rentals Collision Damage Waiver
Credit Cards Deductiblte Protection
Driver license requirements Extended protection
Driving records Master Cover
Gas Policy Personal Accident Insurance
Luxury Car Policy Personal, Accident And Effect Coverage (PAE)
Max Rental Period Third party Insurance
Min Rental Period Theft Protection
Rental Qualification  
Important Note: All the Conditions described for each item, apply to Alamo rent a Car. The conditions for other Rental Car Companies are simmilar, and we will send the conditions, at the moment of confirmation in case of confirmation with  another Rental Car Company
Aclaracion Importante: las condiciones para los Items, son condiciones especificas para Alamo Rent a Car.Las condiciones para otras rentadoras son similares y seran aclaradas de cualquier manera al momento de la confirmacion.

Alamo Protection Plus (APP)

Alamo Protection Plus (APP) includes CDW Maxi Waiver Saver and Extended Protection (EP), plus an accidental death benefit of $100,000 for the driver and $10,000 for each passenger.

Rates for APP may vary by location and may not be offered in all locations due to state law limitations or prohibitions.

Please refer to the rental agreement, rental jacket, and any underlying policies for the full terms and conditions.

This product is only available in the United States